Creating a New Small Town

Developers today have found that commuting is not necessarily a preference for many, so they have begun to build communities that are almost completely self-contained. Parts of it might hold apartments and houses, but amenities could be the same as those in found in any community. It is as if they are creating a new small town in their development, and it is often done as a way to keep people in an area so the development can make it through the local zoning regulations.

Businesses have found it can be a way to save money if their workers are allowed to commute online, so working from home has become popular. Some businesses do need their workers on the premises, but they might opt to house an office or production facility within a new development. It allows their workers an easy commute, and they never have to leave the development unless they choose.

Building integrated communities of this type is not a new design, and it has been done in various places around the world. Not all of the older developments were successful, and it was often due to the lack of jobs for locals living in them. Modern telecommuting has partially relieved this burden, and it has made the new communities easier to fill with workers to pay mortgages without the need to use local roads every day for a commute. That limit alone can make a viable new community worthwhile to build, and it is often what today’s developers are seeking.

There will always be people with individual needs, and some of them will choose to live in a community while commuting to work. Others will be satisfied to live within a few steps of their own home, or they will remain home and work online. Modern choices have made these options possible, and the trend could see additional growth in the future.